Where can I find your jackets?
Our online catalog link on top of the home page features our jackets

How do I order products from United Pioneer?
Call us toll free at (800) 466-9823

Do you have a catalog?
Yes, we can provide most customers with our paper catalog

Who are your customers?
We will sell to wholesalers, retailers and distributors

What markets does United Pioneer service?
Our company sells products to; Industrial markets, the Maritime industry, Correctional Institutes, Industrial laundries, Transit Authorities, Municipalities, Local and foreign Militaries, Retail stores, Police, Fire, EMS, Security, Embroidery & Screen Printing shops, and to the ASI trade

I am not a distributor but can I still buy from you?
If you are not a wholesaler or distributor we will gladly
provide you with the nearest vendor for your needs

What sizes do you carry?
We make sizes small through 12X

Where can I find a sizing chart?
Our online catalog link on top of the home page has our sizing chart

Where can I find colors available?
Our online catalog link on top of the home page has our available colors

Do you modify jackets?
We have the availability to sew on patches/emblems,
badge tabs, reflective taping and private labeling

Do you have all styles available?
Yes, all styles are kept in stock and ready for
prompt delivery

Where do the jackets ship from?
Our jackets ship from our factory in Corinth, MS

Can you drop ship?
Yes, we will gladly drop ship your orders

Can I make a special order?
Please call Michael at 203-504-6260 for special order inquiries

United Pioneer Call 800.466.9823 Fax 800.466.9828 Email: unitedp31@aol.com OR codybraverman@b340.com